Brand Management 101

Do you have questions on brand management? Do you understand how brand management works? Let alone what you need to do and where to start? We hope we answer some questions you might have about brand management.

What is a brand?

Your brand is simply your promise to your customer. When you build your brand, you have to treat it like your giving life to your product. You shape it into who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. A brand tells your customers what they can expect from your product or services. It differentiates you from your competitors. Building your brand is all about getting your customers to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problems or need.

Where do I start?

Start with your logo. Your logo  is the foundation of your brand. It is how you communicate your brand. So start with a great logo and place it everywhere. Your website, labels, packaging and other promotional materials should integrate your logo. But remember, branding goes way beyond just a logo or cool graphic element. Your brand is how your customer perceives you. Good branding does not happen overnight. You have to have a well thought out strategic plan.

Do I need to have a tagline?

It’s not necessary but it can be very helpful. When you develop your tagline, compose a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that embodies the essence of your brand.

How do you build brand strategy?

This is a journey of business self-discovery. Ask yourself how, what, where, when and to whom do you plan on communicating your brand messages.

What is your brand’s mission?
What problems does your product or services solve?
What do you want your customers to think of your product?

Where you advertise is also part of your brand strategy. What you communicate visually and how you say it verbally are part of your brand strategy too.

What is the importance of Brand Experience?

Studies show that millennials are all about experiences. How was their experience in using the brand or how the brand make them feel are things you should consider. Brand experience has the intention of creating brand loyalty.
What are the benefits of having a strong brand?

Strategic branding builds a strong brand equity. When you have a strong brand equity, you can charge more for your brand compared to identical, unbranded products. Example: Coke versus generic soda.

A good brand promotes recognition. People buy products they are familiar with. So if your branding is consistent and recognizable, it can help people feel more comfortable in purchasing your products and services.

A good brand helps set you apart from the competition. We are now in the era of globalization. Take note, you are no longer competing on a local stage.  Your brand now competes in the global economy. What will you do to stand out from the several thousands of similar organizations around the world?

A strong brand generates referrals from satisfied customers. People love to tell others about the brands they like. You definitely cannot tell someone about a brand you can’t even remember.

A great brand not only creates loyal customers, it creates loyal employees! A quality brand gives your employees something to believe in and they will be willing to stand behind it in full support. Your brand provides motivation and direction for your staff. It gives the clarity that your staff needs to be successful. It serves as a guide to understand your key business objectives. It tells them how to act, how to win or close a sale, and how to meet the organization’s goals.


What should you do to achieve good brand management?
Be true to your brand. Customers will not come back to you or refer you to someone else if you do not deliver on your brand promise. Be consistent. You’ve got to strive to create a magic bullet of getting consumer loyalty.

To succeed in branding, you have to have a level of understanding of the needs and wants of your customers. Be wise and integrate your brand strategies throughout your company at every point of public contact. As customers begin to identify with you, your brand will be in their hearts and minds. Connect on an emotional level.
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