Direct selling business ideas?

One common answer is: Make a good start, not a fast start.

The direct selling business model is like a tree that has many branches. Multi-level Marketing, for example, is one of its forks. In the credit extension platform, a right rather than a fast start is always the number one rule. Control your excitement to sell a hundred boxes or units in one day. Remember that non-paying debtors tend to order more products on the first transaction. Secondly, credit extension requires a thorough validation of the name, address, source of income, etc.

If you have a computer system, however, and a crew of trained assistants, then you may start as fast as you can. The idea is just like driving a vehicle. Speed is not a problem if the automobile is under the complete control of the driver. Start fast! Just remember that selling begins with the collection of the concluded transactions and not with the distribution of the products on credit. A sale is not a sale until it is collected. 

If you have zero knowledge about direct selling.

If you have zero knowledge about direct selling, start as a retailer, then attend all types of training related to your new career.

Most direct sellers of the credit extension model who have tons of money could not easily succeed. The first-hand experience in this trade is necessary. Rely on your research and actual exposure to the business instead of a theory-only guided management.

I learned of a direct selling operation on a national level that was well-oiled with cash. In a range of one to ten, the owner’s expertise falls somewhere between level two to three. In short, he was completely dependent on his managers. He failed. The reason was the lack of pressure to collect the accounts receivable. Capital is not a guarantee that one will succeed in this trade. Start as an ordinary retailer or start very slow like a stranger in a new business territory.

Never quit–never try the business. Do it, do it, do it

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